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Don’t Forget The Fifth Wall!

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Ceilings are the fifth wall! Let them give dimension and depth to any room!Can you imagine these rooms with out the ceiling moldings and decorative details? why would we want to. These ceilings enhance these rooms and highlight the shapes and forms of the walls and floors below. The Old Masters new the importance of using ceilings as a canvas for most of the world’s most treasured art works. Today we have come to simply our decor, and the element of ceiling design has transformed as well.

Today’s ceiling can enhanced by using moldings, medallions, dome, appliques. Drywall can be layered and shaped for a more modern look. Ceiling formations are also used to house or hide lighting. Ceiling designs are created to enhance a magnificent light fixture as a focal point.

Ceilings are sometimes overlooked and should be not be! Just painting you ceiling a coordinating color to your room, can bring warmth and cohesive pallet to any room. So consider all of  the materials and endless possibilities that can enhance your home or office…and remember your fifth wall!


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