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Black and White

Black and White mixed together in a room as a theme or as accents are always in style. Black and White goes with all colors. The positive and negative extremes show off geometric, curvilinear,  and abstract patterns or designs. What color will you pair Black and White with? or will you stay in the neutral zone.  I can’t get enough of the two non-colors right now… they are classic and sophisticated ! Having a hard time fitting them all in my projects!

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Blue is popping up everywhere! I have always been a fan of this color between violet and green. It is my new go to color. What is popular right now is the darker or jewel tones of blue. Navy in Nautical themes has always been the norm. Now this elegant hue is being embraced by modern and traditional designs. I plan on using this vibrant hue with white and cream and dove gray. I may also mix it with a “kelly Green” or yellow. So many options… what are you plans for this emerging trend?

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So Symmetrical


Symmetry has a place in any room design. It’s a room made up of similar parts facing each other or around an axis. Why we love it? Is it the sheer feeling of balance? Common denominators and repetition? I like it so much I want two of those?

This particular living space is in black and white and displays the balance of light and dark. The seating is arranged having a mirror affect, dividing the room into two halves. The seating arrangement is aligned evenly to make entertainment and small gatherings cozy and intimate. The texture and finishes keeps this room exciting. The scale of all the furniture and accessories are used to compose symmetry and like proportion in this room.

The designer keeps this space interesting with creative displays, interesting art, comfortable seating, soft and hard surfaces working in harmony.

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Don’t Forget The Fifth Wall!

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ceiling 4Ceiling 5

Ceilings are the fifth wall! Let them give dimension and depth to any room!Can you imagine these rooms with out the ceiling moldings and decorative details? why would we want to. These ceilings enhance these rooms and highlight the shapes and forms of the walls and floors below. The Old Masters new the importance of using ceilings as a canvas for most of the world’s most treasured art works. Today we have come to simply our decor, and the element of ceiling design has transformed as well.

Today’s ceiling can enhanced by using moldings, medallions, dome, appliques. Drywall can be layered and shaped for a more modern look. Ceiling formations are also used to house or hide lighting. Ceiling designs are created to enhance a magnificent light fixture as a focal point.

Ceilings are sometimes overlooked and should be not be! Just painting you ceiling a coordinating color to your room, can bring warmth and cohesive pallet to any room. So consider all of  the materials and endless possibilities that can enhance your home or office…and remember your fifth wall!

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Cathedral Hearth Wall


Cathedral ceilings stand the test of the time. This ledge stone cathedral ceiling fireplace wall takes boring to exciting. Want a warm and inviting space, bring the outside in with natural architectural elements. Stacked ledge stone and maple hardwood floors add warmth and staying power to any Great Room.

This house is featured with modern furniture showing how natural surfaces lend to any decor. This space is warm and cozy with the natural gas fireplace as it’s focal point. Hang a Plasma TV or an Art piece that speaks to you, and you have a room you never want to leave. Add patio doors and you are one step away from the outdoors, of this extended season covered patio.

The neutral palette allows this room to change with the seasons by bringing in pillows and throws to customize your room for holidays and special events!

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High Contrast Dining Room


This raised coffer ceiling in not the high point of this light filled open dining room. There is a mix of materials that make is so inviting to sit down and enjoy a meal with family and friends.

An elongated crystal chandelier, accentuates the ceiling height and adds glamour in contrast to this fairly simple organic natural wood table. Neutral gray walls and textured cotton place mats allow for the gold metals to really shine.

The simple white drapes that adorn the windows in a classic pattern add another soft element to this already mixed space. Gold lamps with tree trunk and gold napkin rings add a hint of shine contrasting the other natural elements. The simple glass ware reflect the light of the multifaceted crystal
Chandelier and bring the balance of clear and crispness, through out the room.

This simple color palette and clean lines allows for seasonal or holiday decor to transform the room harmoniously.

The Little Space That Could!

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This small space can be used for so many things! Use it as a bar area because it is located off the family room next to the kitchen. Use it as a place to display your special collections that tell a tale to your visitors or make you smile passing by everyday! With lower storage and open shelves this little space can multi-task with ease. The shelves in this space have wood sides, and glass inserts with low volt lighting, to showcase anything on display. A low lighted area, that can be left on at night to give your room a glow, or serve as a night light in this open hub.

Stylish and savvy you will never tire of a hardworking space like this!